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Emily Behm, May 1 2019

Staff Pick of the Month: CanPrev Healthy Hormones

What is Healthy Hormones by CanPrev?

You have heard the amazing reviews about the CanPrev Magnesium Bi-Glycinate, but have you heard about their product Healthy Hormones? 

CanPrev Healthy Hormones is specifically designed to help stabilize menstrual cycles, and relieve PMS symptoms.  This product works to control the level of estrogen in the body (the hormone levels are what affect our menstrual cycles).  Hormones can be affected through out our lifetime, so it's a good idea to help keep them regulated. Healthy Hormones is a great product to help keep hormones in check!

Why are hormones important?

As Dr. Nik discussed in his blog (i.e. What is a hormonal imbalance?), hormones are very small proteins, produced by glands and the brain. Hormones are important because they coordinate different tissues that respond to our environment. In addition, hormones can affect the immune system and can change a person's behaviour.   

Estrogen dominance (or an excess of estrogen) is a hormonal imbalance that can occur in women.  This hormone imbalance can impact women by endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, cystic breasts, heavy period, hormonal acne, and sever menopausal symptoms.

How can Healthy Hormones help?

This products contains key ingredients that help to balance hormones, more specifically the ingredient indole-3-carbinol. This ingredient is also referred to as "I-3-C," and it can be used in the prevention of breast cancer, colon cancer, along with other types of cancer.  In addition, it can be used to help balance hormones, detox the intestines and liver, and help to support the immune system.

More research is currently being put into the use of indole-3-carbinol to see how effective it is in the prevention of breast cancer.  Other research suggests that this ingredient may help to prevent abnormal growth of cells in the cervix. Thus, Healthy Hormones offers many key ingredients that are helpful for women and our bodies.

What are the results?  Emily, our retail sales and nutrition associate shares her experience!

"I have been using Healthy Hormones by Canprev and I have found a significant improvement in my PMS symptoms. My mood doesn't fluctuate as much before and after my week of menstruation, I feel calmer and I don't suffer from painful cramps." 

As always, our staff pick will be 10% off all month! Happy Shopping!

Written by

Emily Behm

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