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Live Younger, Leaner, Stronger in 15 minutes/week

Age-related muscular atrophy can lead to a drastic loss in functional ability. This loss not only comes in the form of bio-mechanical issues but the promotion of a variety of significant health problems.  Low intensity activities do very little in terms of preventing muscle loss but are often done due to the fear of injury when increasing the intensity.Here at the Integrated Health Centre, we have provided a system that can reverse age-related hypertrophy which has direct impact on:  

  • body temperature regulation
  • cholesterol/HDL ratio
  • strength
  • bone density
  • insulin sensitivity  


  • body fat composition
  • blood pressure
  • aerobic capacity
  • balance

Money back Guarantee with MedEx!

Talk to us about having a FREE 15-minute MedEx trial! This high intensity, super slow, super safe full body exercise is guaranteed to show results in 4 sessions or your money back!  Don't like working out but know you have to.  We have the answer - Medical Exercise for Functional Fitness!

Don't take our word for it;
Listen to what our clients have to say!

If you'd like more information about MedEx, please feel free to email us.

I have been doing Medex for 3 years now - my lifestyle has never been better.


Spending hours a week exercising is neither realistic nor feasible for everyone.

MedEx is a program we design for you.  Every workout is supervised and is designed to cause change. No hit or miss or hoping you are doing the right thing. Your body then responds at rest.

That's right, your changes are due to rest as much as do to the exercise!  

We are so sure that you will benefit that we guarantee change in 4 visits or your money back! Medical Exercise can reverse age related muscular atrophy, having a direct, positive impact on.

How about 15 minutes, once a week?

Sounds good, right?

The Huffington Post


• Big 5 Machines

• 15 minutes/week



• 6 Machines

• 15 minutes/week

• 1 change



• 10 Machines

• 30 minutes/week

• 2 changes



• Big 5 Machines + 6 Machines

• 15 minutes/ 2x week

• 3 changes


MedEx in the Media

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I did the 3 session intro [package], and it was amazing , and I can see even in those three short session results

I would highly recommend the Med Ex program to anyone, the program is great and the staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and results almost immediate!


What is Medex?

** This pricing is for year commitments only (52 sessions). If you want to buy session by session the per session price is $50