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In addition to brand name footwear lines, Integrated Health Centre offers orthotic fittings using over-the-counter, semi-custom moldable, and fully custom made options. Orthotics can be helpful in achieving proper foot dynamics and can make a great difference in the movement of your joints as well as pain levels. Due to aging, as well as life events like pregnancy, injury, and hormone changes can cause the muscles in your feet can weaken, and just as glasses help your vision, orthotics can support your fallen arches. This can have a positive effect on your knees, hips, back and more.

Our chiropractors can assist you with custom orthotics (covered by many private health plans and as a medical expense on your income tax with a prescription). We have excellent success with our method of making orthotics because the orthotic is made as your foot "should be" and not as it currently is (fallen arches and all). In addition, Integrated Health Centre offers a FREE Gait Analysis which can aid in your decision about whether you need fully custom or off-the-shelf orthotics to correct your issues.

Orthotic Procedure

  1. If you have private insurance, call your insurance company and ask how much they will cover for custom orthotics: this may affect your decision on what customizable options you choose.
  2. Visit your medical doctor to get a prescription. This is not necessary if you plan on paying out of pocket, but if you wish to claim your orthotics (through insurance or income tax), please make sure you have a medical doctor's prescription for custom orthotics, dated BEFORE you pay for the orthotics in full, otherwise you will not be covered. It also must have a diagnosis specified on the prescription (flat feet, low back pain, structural short leg, etc).
  3. Call in/visit to book an “orthotic appointment.” It will take roughly 15 minutes, plus the time you need to select your orthotic choices.
  4. At IHC, the cost of our custom orthotics range from $400-520, and include two chiropractic appointments! First, you'll meet with your Doctor, who will inspect your feet and diagnose any issues. Then they will use soft tissue manipulation and adjustments to ensure your feet are in the best possible shape to benefit from orthotics (this can be opted out of if desired). An orthotic casting is then done to acquire the mould for your supports. Lastly, you sit down one-on-one with our care co-ordinator to select the customizable options for your orthotics (materials, length, etc.).
  5. You can either pay in full at the time of ordering, or half then and the balance once you receive the orthotics. You will not receive the required documentation to claim the orthotics until they are paid for in full.
  6. Once your orthotics are complete (roughly two weeks later), we will call you to make a pick-up appointment.
  7. Breaking in the orthotics normally takes about a week. During this time, you should wear them as much as possible (even inside) to quicken the adjustment period. If after one to one and a half weeks they are still uncomfortable, bring them back in with you to see your chiropractor, and free adjustments can be made within a month of receiving the orthotics. If properly cared for, orthotics can last for up to 2 years.

If you'd like more information about Orthotics, please feel free to email us at carec@integratedhealthcentre.ca.

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