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Rebecca's Favourite Holiday Tips

If you have shopping to do, getting an early start will give you time to enjoy the spirit of the season. And, wrap as you buy so there is less stress on getting gifts wrapped at the last minute.

Consider getting together for a group gift purchase. It makes it easier for everyone’s Christmas lists, and you can pool your money for something you might not be able to afford on your own.


Make an appointment for a massage or spa treatment for yourself to relax a little before the holidays. Taking this time for you will pay off when you are in the hustle and bustle of holiday get-togethers.


Being hydrated and having healthy snacks as you shop reduce stress in a huge way and allows you to be more patient with busy times.

We tend to be on our feet for extended periods of time during the holidays. You will be thankful for good, supportive shoes! Bring your heels with you for a quick change if you need to!

Click here to check out our health packages to make your holiday shopping easier and healthier!

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Holiday Shopping

Get a start on your holiday shopping with a healthy gift from Integrated Health Centre! We've put together some great packages for you. Packages for men and women and stocking stuffer ideas

Follow this link to our Christmas ideas page for more!

Laser Therapy - Free Consults

Free consultations on laser therapy are back! Book a free consult with us today and see if laser therapy is a treatment that can work for you. This light-based therapy has helped many people. Visit our laser therapy page for more information.

To book an appointment, call: 613-732-3333 extension 1 or email: info@integratedhealthcentre.ca

Set Your Goals for 2015

Whatever your goals for 2015, we can help. Integrated Health Centre offers a variety of services that can help you get on the right track for health. Whether you need body treatments, a workout plan, nutrition help, or a combination of several things, our professionals can put together a plan for success that suits your lifestyle.

You can do it and we will help you.

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