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Younger. Leaner. Stronger.

Integrated Health Centre was established in 1992 to meet a need for a holistic approach to medicine.

Since the beginning, our core values have focused on assisting people to improve their health and prevent pain and illness; as opposed to treating the disease once it has occurred. Our goal is to help you to maximize you health and the result was an overwhelming desire by many patients to take responsibility for their health and be preventative versus reactive.

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COVID-19: Update

We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean and tidy. In order to keep our team, clients and the community safe, we have closed our facility until further notice.   Read more

Welcome to The Team!

We are proud to introduce Dr. Renee Audet and Sarah D'Atri to our team. If you are looking for a chiropractor, now has never been a better time. Call us today to book your appointment!

Laser Therapy: The New Frontier

More than 80 percent of us will suffer low back pain (LBP) in our lifetime, and somewhere between 20 and 60 percent of us are suffering from it right now.


Chiropractic means more than 'cracking backs'.

At Integrated Health Centre, the chiropractors use a wide variety of methods to treat their patients that includes hands on care, adjustment tools, percussors for muscle work, acupucture, laser therapy, rehabilitation exercises, nutrition counselling, bracing/orthotics and more.


MedEx at IHC is know for its non-judgemental and encouraging environment.

Everyone if welcome here, regardless of your experience or fitness level.  We also take cleanliness very seriously which is something we are regularly recognized for by clients.


You are what you eat and sometimes that is a scary thought.

At IHC, our approach to nutrition is to look at the root causes of your concerns and then find the best supplement to address that cause, instead of treating the symptoms.


Good quality supportive footwear is essential for maintaining good posture and gait.

We carry a range of footwear from all occasions, with a focus on quality and support. Birkenstocks, Finn Comfort, Dansko, Topo are just some of the brands that our clients love!