The Fountain of Youth is readily available and can have a dramatic impact on your life right now – within weeks!  Are you ready?  You will need to strength train, but it will not take hours doing it.  Sound too good to be true? Like all things worthwhile, there is a cost – and that cost is what it will mean to you, despite being uncomfortable, this will allow you to maximize your health!

Exercise, by definition, is the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to  stay fit.  For physical fitness, you need to target the 3 pillars of fitness: flexibility, heart and lung capacity, as well as muscle strength.  To address all 3 of these areas takes time, often more time than most people are willing or able to dedicate to physical activity.  So how do we affect all 3 of these pillars of fitness in a timely yet effective manner?  Does yoga do it?  Does Tai chi do it?  Does running do it?  The answer to all of these is definitively NO.   The only scientifically validated method of addressing all 3 areas in one exercise is through the use of circuit strength training. This is done by using a significant amount of weight to make you use your muscles outside of your comfort zone.  It has to push you beyond your normal thresholds, stressing both your cardio and muscle functions.   Current strength training guidelines suggest that you do a set of repetitions, then rest for a minute or two and then do another set.  There is no scientific evidence to support this methodology.  What is supported with research is the use of weights at 80% of maximum strength, moving the weight in a controlled manner, and then moving to the next exercise in a minimal amount of time.  Can you imagine doing 5-12 exercises in continuous sequence with minimal rest? Think of the impact this would have on your heart and lungs!  When strength training is done properly, the joints and muscles are stretched and strengthened fully, thereby hitting all 3 pillars of physical health.  To minimize the negative effect of repetitive sprain strain injuries from excessive motion, fatigue is achieved within maximum 8-12 reps. This type of training is highly effective and guarantees results when done with a trainer who will push you to the limits of your ability.  At IHC, we call this our Medical Exercise (MedEx) Program.  Although it is effective for all – novices to athletes - it is especially aimed at those of you who don’t like to exercise but know you have to,  and for the busy professionals who need to get/stay healthy but in a time effective manner.  If that sounds like you, we highly recommend you try our Medical Exercise to maximize all 3 pillars of health.

Dr. Nikhil  Bair-Patel

Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel

Founder & Clinical Director

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