Exercising on your period seems like a crazy idea when you consider the uncomfortable sensations your body endures during menstruation. Bad bloating and cramps set your pelvis on fire, and trying to button jeans are just some of the factors that make sweatpants and a bad movie sound like the go-to game plan for shark week. Why do squats in public or a ride a bike when period leakage is still a thing?

But wait!  Exercising on your period is better than you think. Getting exercise may possibly be the best thing you can do during your period to help alleviate cramps or reduce bloating. Exercising actually has the ability to increase oxygen-supply to the muscles. The added boost of endorphins that comes from exercise can improve sleep and boost your metabolism during a period when you would normally feel blah.

 Here are a couple benefits of exercise while on your period:

1) Bad moods and periods go together like Joey Tribbianni and sandwiches (gotta love a good sandwich! lol). Exercising is a great way to help with mood swings and other PMS symptoms because it actually boosts the "I'm feeling good" hormones in your brain. Exercise lowers stress hormone levels, and triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, uplifting the brain in a similar way that morphine works (sign me up!).

2) Exercise Fights Period Symptoms. Menstrual headaches, moodiness, and bloat are all improved when you exercise during your period. Instead treating menstrual migraines with another tab of Ibuprofen, skip the drugs, and head out for a jog. Intense exercise causes the body to sweat, which helps reduce any period belly bloat.  Rigorous exercise encourages you to rehydrate your body, replenish any fluids lost from sweating, and promote healthy habits. The more active and regular you are with exercise, the better your periods end up being, and the less cramps and heavy flow you'll have to deal with. So, be sure to hit the local gym for just a 30 minute jog, a dip in the pool, a spin on the stationary bike, or yoga class, and this will help to make such a difference!

So maybe you won’t jump straight into sumo-squats on your period, but you can still make the most of your workout!

Leanne Kranz

Leanne Kranz

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