"I went in after having constant/severe back pain due to being extremely ill during my pregnancy.

I have been helped tremendously in getting my health/body back on track. They truly has a passion for helping those in need. Not only that but all his staff are super friendly and helpful."

-Katherine Welk, Google Review

What to Expect in an Intial Assessment

It's common to have questions before your first visit to any new healthcare provider. Luckily, chiropractors know that new patients may need extra time to discuss their concerns.

You can play a role in your own chiropractic care before your first visit.

An effective way to be involved in your own healthcare is to learn about what you can expect from visit #1.

Depending on the injury or condition for which you are being treated, initial visits can last from 45 to 60 minutes. Subsequent visits will be shorter, but the first visit aims to start building the therapeutic relationship, identifying the cause of the problem and discussing a proposed plan of management.

As musculoskeletal (MSK) experts, chiropractors are extensively trained to assess, diagnose, manage and prevent reoccurrence of MSK conditions while specifically addressing your needs and goals. Make sure you communicate your needs and goals to your chiropractor.

Our Initial Assessment Is Composed Of 4 Major Stages

This is the simple process:

1) Patient History

As mentioned, your first appointment includes a comprehensive assessment to help determine the cause of the problem and how best to treat it.

Through completing New Patient Initial paperwork, then sitting down with our Intake Coordinator, we'll get to know you. 

Expect that the history-taking portion of the visit may include questions about the following areas of your health: family and personal health history including injuries, surgeries, concussions, conditions, and changes in lifestyle factors that could affect your health (such as stress, diet, work life, fitness, etc.).

We'd also like to know how you have responded to previous chiropractic care. To maximize your care, please be as detailed as possible when describing all issues to your chiropractic team.

2) Patient Exam

What does the patient exam include?

There are various tests completed such as a postural exam, reflex testing, range of motion testing, gait analysis, muscle testing & palpation.

These tests, along with the Chiropractor's expertise are all used to conclude a diagnosis and determine what body systems are affected.  This exam will help to determine the root cause of pain, and help you achieve a speedy recovery!

3) Soft Tissue Adjustments

Percussive tools are used at a specific frequency to relax tight or spasming muscles; this can also be done by hand.

Depending on the severity of the muscle spasm/tightness, the chiropractor with use the best method to relieve your pain!


3) Hard Tissue Adjustments

These adjustments can be done either manually, or with an adjusting tool depending on patient preference

Alignment is corrected by repositioning joints ensuring the proper connectivity and communication of the nervous system. By first focusing on the soft tissue, the hard tissue adjustments are better received by the body.

4) Support and Advice

Building a therapeutic relationship with a new practitioner can take some time, but investing in good communication at the outset can help you maximize the benefit of your chiropractic treatment.

Your chiropractor will be happy to answer questions, address concerns and explain different options to you. This may include preventative strategies and changes in lifestyle practices. All of ourpatients are advised on how to maintain proper alignment, how to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and how to prevent future injury or pain.

To maximize your health, our chiropractors may suggest physiotherapy, rehab, laser therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, orthopaedic footwear, or supplements to help maintain your health.

What Sets Us Apart?

We've met the response of "That's the most thorough exam I've ever been a part of! "time and time again.

Our Chiropractors know that a plethora of factors can affect your day-to-day, and they want to know all the pieces of your puzzle. After the assessment, each visit will be 10-15 minutes, and follow the same structure listed above. So what are you waiting for?

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