As of July 1st, our cancellation policy will be getting an update. For years now, we have been using the 24 hour cancellation policy, however in order to make it just a little bit easier for our admin staff to fill these valuable spots, we will be increasing the notice requirement from 24 hours to 48 hours. 

We respect and value the time of each and everyone of our patients - which is why we are making this very slight, insignificante change because we know that when someone is in pain, they want to get in immediately to see one of our doctors. No shows prevent us from helping these people out, but with 48 hours notice, we are able to better assist a patient in getting an appointment. 

So next time you are in pain, know that we are hear for you and will do everything in our power to make sure we get you an appointment within 48 hours (doctor's schedule permitting). 

Our Cancellation policy is as such: every patient has 1 "freebie" no show appointment - you can choose when you want to use it. After your "freebie" has been used up, then the next time you miss or don't provide adequate notice, there will be a 50% charge. Finally if you are a repeat offender, it will be 100% charge but also you might be put on a same-day booking policy because we care and don't want your bill to add up. 

Dez Bair-Patel

Dez Bair-Patel

Chief Executive Officer

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