Patients who need laboratory or imaging tests to rule out conditions should not experience delays in care. These delays impact patient care due to unnecessary red tape and drive increased costs to the health system.

Currently, if a chiropractic patient requires laboratory or imaging tests, the patient must first be directed to their physician to fulfill test orders. The patient must then wait for the test results to be sent back to their

chiropractor; leading to delays in care, unnecessary and costly physician visits, and longer physician wait times. This red tape is avoidable.

Ontario’s chiropractors are educated in ordering laboratory and imaging tests. Since 2009, the Ontario Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the College of Chiropractors

of Ontario have recommended that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) consider the enhanced safety, efficacy and public interest by enabling chiropractors to order 29 laboratory tests and 27 indications for imaging tests, supported by the chiropractic scope of practice.

Cutting Red Tape

Enhancing the scope of chiropractic care in Ontario through access to select laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests would:

  • Generate $15.1- 23.7 million dollars in annual savings as a result of eliminating avoidable visits to family physicians

  • End the delays chiropractic patients who need imaging or laboratory tests currently experience

  • Improve access to X-rays for patients in 64 communities without Independent Health Facilities -

    largely in rural and remote areas

  • Reduce wait times for primary care by eliminating avoidable visits to family physicians

Authority to order lab tests and diagnostic ultrasound can be implemented at no cost to the MOHLTC if they are paid for privately, as chiropractic care is largely funded now.
These benefits could be realized quickly and with minimal changes to existing legislation and regulations while having lasting impacts that improves patient care and eliminates the red tape.
Dez Bair-Patel

Dez Bair-Patel

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