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5BX Program

The Five Basic Exercises (5BX) Plan presented in this booklet is designed to show you you how to develop and hold a hight level of physical fitness, regardless of where you may be located. The scheme is not dependent on elaborate facilities or equipment. The exercises require only eleven minutes a day and can be done in your bedroom or beside your bed in the barracks.

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Growing Stronger

In choosing to read this book, you have taken the first step on a journey toward greater strength and vitality. Growing Stronger was written for you—the older adult who wants to grow stronger, healthier, more active, and more independent. You may be inactive or only mildly active at the moment. You may know that regular exercise is important for your health and well-being and want to get started on a program of physical activity. But you may feel that you don’t have the necessary information. Perhaps you are concerned that because of your age or health problems physical activity may not be safe for you. Or perhaps you have had trouble finding or staying with a suitable program.

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Dr. Nik's Favourite Things

Patient Resources

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Dr. Nik recommends a lot of things- we figured we'd make a collection of this favourite things to make it easy for you to remember should you forget what he told you!