In addition to brand name footwear lines, Integrated Health Centre offers orthotic fitting using over-the-counter, semi-custom moldable, and fully custom made options.

Orthotics can be helpful in achieving proper foot dynamics and can make a great difference in the movement of your joints. As you age, the muscles in your feet can weaken, and just as glasses help your vision, orthotics can support your fallen arches. This can have a positive effect on your knees, hips, back etc.

Our chiropractors can assist you with custom orthotics (covered by many private health plans).
We have excellent success with our method of making orthotics because the orthotic is made as your foot "should be" and not as it currently is (fallen arches and all).

In addition, Integrated Health Centre offers a FREE Gait Analysis which can aid in your decision about whether you need fully custom or off the shelf orthotics to correct your issues.

Semi Custom & Off the Shelve Orthotics
At IHC we have several options for proper foot support. Orthotics come in various forms.

Our Birkenstock orthotics are bought right off the shelf, available in different widths and with the great Birkenstock cork sole that we all love.  The next level in customization are our semi-custom orthotics.  Semi-custom means that they are bought off the shelf and can be worn as is or can be heat moulded specifically for your feet.  

This can be achieved at home by yourself or with the professional assistance of our chiropractors who ensure a perfect fit with no need for a ‘break in’ period.  Finally, the optimal orthotic that is available at IHC is a custom orthotic.

Our custom orthotics are made by Footmaxx using a non-weight bearing TALAR NEUTRAL 3-D scan
It scans your feet following a thorough treatment of the lower limbs by one of our chiropractors.

Please come in for free gait scan if you would like to learn more about how orthotics might help you relieve your pain and maximize your mobility!